4 Signs that you are addicted to shopping

Shopping addiction can be defined as a behavioral addiction where an individual has the compulsive desire to shop so that they can release negative emotions. Some of these emotions include stress, anger, pain, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Here are some of the signs that might indicate shopping addiction

Many unopened items in your closet

If you notice that there are several unopened items in your wardrobe or closet, you might be struggling with shopping addiction.

You have most likely forgotten that you got those items. And it is largely because they were purchased out of compulsion or obsession.

After buying those items, you discovered they were not needed, and you left them in your wardrobe.

You hide your shopping habits

Another way to know if you are addicted to shopping or not, is when you don’t want people to know about your shopping habits.

This is because they will most likely blame you for spending money on shopping. Those people who are likely to be your friends and family already suspect that you have a shopping obsession in play.

You feel anxious when you don’t shop

One prominent sign of shopping addiction is how you feel anxious anytime you don’t shop. You will feel heavily concerned that you’ve not gone shopping, and you will begin to wonder if everything is okay with you.

Anytime you feel anxious, you will find it hard to be productive because you’ve not gone shopping for a long time.

You take loans to shop

If you always take loans to go shopping, you are most likely addicted. There are chances that you can wait for some weeks or months to save up some money.

However, you are not willing to wait because you’re afraid the items will be out of stock- which is impossible in most cases. When you keep taking loans, it is a strong sign of shopping addiction.

If you are experiencing some of these signs, you need to seek help from a counselor. This would help you reduce the way you spend obsessively.

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